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We listen, act, and transform

Why Unbound Minds? Because often we can feel boxed in, bound up, and held down in our lives. Through healing and helping others heal, we find liberation from those feelings and being able to become more authentically oneself. This is the vision I see when that healing takes place. Breaking the bonds that have kept us from living in our best and healthiest reality.

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Our Values

It’s Always about Community!


Your Trust, Our Priority. We strictly safeguard your privacy, ensuring every session and conversation remains completely confidential. Your comfort and trust are paramount in our commitment to providing effective and secure therapy.


Explore New Paths to Healing. Harness the power of creativity in therapy. Whether it's through expressive arts, innovative techniques, or collaborative exercises, we'll tap into your unique creative outlets to enhance your healing journey.


Guiding Your Journey to Healing. Our practice is rooted in empathy and understanding. We provide a safe, nurturing space where compassion meets expertise, supporting you through your challenges with unwavering care and genuine compassion.


Embrace Acceptance, Empower Change. Our therapy approach fosters a non-judgmental environment where you are embraced for who you are. Through acceptance, we empower growth, encouraging self-discovery and transformation at your own pace.